4 Step Guide to Crowdfunding

4 Step Guide to Crowdfunding

Thinking of starting your very first crowdfunding campaign? Read on to know how you can go about creating and running a successful campaign from start to finish!

Step 1: Conceptualize your campaign

Figuring out the heart of your campaign is crucial. You will have to be clear on what your campaign is about. Understanding the problem you are trying to solve and deciding on how you are going to solve it is important. Starting your campaign without a solid plan of action would be a set-up for failure.
Once you know how you can create change, you need to figure out how much funds you would need to carry out your plans. When setting the goal for your campaign, take into account all your efforts and campaign rewards. It is advised to be realistic when creating a budget for the campaign.

Step 2: Setting up your campaign

When you begin setting up your campaign, you will be required to provide a narrative about your initiative. Your write up should be positive and inspiring as well as short and to the point. Details such as good grammar and readability are very important. Adding images, graphics and video content will help make your campaign more engaging. You want to inspire potential contributors not dampen their day, so avoid tedious prose and depressing content.
Setting campaign rewards or incentives for your contributors can tremendously boost donations. You can also set different tiers of rewards for different donation amounts. Rewards can be as simple as t-shirts, posters, or coffee mugs, to as grand as adding top donors’ names as patrons on your website.

Step 3: Things to do once your campaign goes live

After setting up the campaign, you now need to get your campaign to reach your target audience. Contact your personal networks, influencers, partners, and even the press. Keep engaging your audience on social media and spread the word on your campaign. Host a small event such as a theme party, a walkathon, a potluck, concert, etc. to further reach out to people.

Step 4: What you should do once the campaign is over

When you have completed your campaign, it is important to thank your supporters, address those who contributed, and tell them how the campaign went. You can do this by making a video or writing a blog post.
Once your campaign is done and you can now make an impact with the funds you have gathered, it is essential to keep your new community updated about the change you are creating (however small or big) thanks to their help.