Plan your Campaign - How to reach your audience

Plan your Campaign – How to reach your audience

When it comes to creating crowdfunding campaigns, good planning saves face. So, what will help maximise the chances of your crowdfunding campaign’s success?

  • Having a great looking campaign
  • Having a solid crowd of friends, family, business associates or community
  • Having a worthwhile cause that your crowd will identify with and want to back and share
  • Having a realistic target
  • Have a realistic time frame to raise those funds

So if you can tick all of the above, how do you actually plan and sustain interest in your campaign in order to achieve success?

Sharing your campaign effectively is one of the most important things you must do. If you follow this simple template you should find donations will start to arrive:


Focus on family and friends and advise them you are launching your campaign on x date. Ask if they would be willing to donate during the first 2 weeks of your campaign to help with momentum. And encourage them to share your campaign once it is live.

First 4 weeks:

Focus still on family, friends and social media contacts. You should use email, social media and word of mouth to tell them about your campaign. As a guide, you should Tweet your campaign several times a week (as Tweets can be easily missed) You should post direct appeals via Facebook or other social media platforms around 4 – 5 times in total, for the duration of your campaign.

Weeks 4 – 8:

Focus on all the above, but also include business contacts, like-minded forums, bloggers, perhaps start to consider traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, radio station. You should be providing regular updates – around one every one to two weeks (post your updates on social media too)

Week 9 – 12 (and beyond):

Focus on all the above. Consider re-vamping your campaign. Add new photos, add new rewards, add a big update with photos. If your campaign is flagging, consider adding a team member ( a person you know) to join you and look at the campaign with a fresh set of eyes. For example, they may have contacts that can help with marketing, events, publicity.

What should be remembered (but is often forgotten) is that crowdfunding is rewarding but requires effort – we recommend spending a minimum of 3 – 5 hours a week working on your campaign.

Note: At no time have we mentioned stranger donations. Strangers do not donate to a campaign that is not established, well presented and trustworthy.

If you hope to reach out to strangers, you need to follow the above guide, ensuring everyone you share your link with is encouraged to either donate or share the link with their contacts. It is their contacts that are most likely to become the strangers who donate.

In short, focus properly on those you already know and by encouraging them to share the link, you will reach a wider and wider audience with each share.

Are you ready to start your campaign?