6 Ways to Make the Most of your Social Media Accounts

6 Ways to Make the Most of your Social Media Accounts

Getting your new business noticed on social media can feel impossible at first, but a few key skills can get your social media up and running with ease.

Since the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, social media marketing has become a key part of business growth and success — but reaching your own individual audience and engaging with them is a tricky skill to master. Luckily, a few simple pointers can help you and your startup make the most of your social media accounts from day one.

Make posts pop with pictures

Social media platforms like Twitter are famously ruthless because a lot of people don’t even fully register the posts they’re scrolling past. Within a few minutes, that post has passed by most people’s radar.

But making your posts visual helps them stand out from the crowd. Research has shown that tweets with images gain an average of 150% more retweets, so find an image that complements what you want to say.

The value of videos

If images are good, then videos are an even better way of making followers stick around long enough to let your brand fully sink in. When it comes to social media, users have a subconscious desire to press play on videos they come across no matter what the content is. Including engaging, enticing video content in your posts is a user-friendly way of getting your business message across.

Know your audience, know your brand

Audience and brand are the twin pillars of business social media users. You need a clear idea of both in order to make a success of your online marketing. Assess your brand, what are you offering and what makes you different from others? What would you say are your business’s key messages? What one thing, above all else, do you want people to gauge your business?

And then explore the other perspective: who are your clients? What kinds of people do you expect your customers to be? Look at age range, gender and whether they’re families, professionals or other businesses. Then you can tailor your content to suit both these factors.

Check the clock (and the calendar)

Time is a key player in how successful a social media post will be. Research shows that weekday mornings at around 11am are when social media posts get the best response, but every profile will have different rules depending on who your followers are. If your followers are mostly professionals, it might be a good idea to put posts out around 8.30am when people are commuting.

There are also plenty of online tools for scheduling posts hours, days or weeks in advance. This is much better than sending out five posts in 30 minutes and then not posting again for a week and a half — it makes your profile look consistent. So if you think of the perfect post at 4am, maybe save it for later.


There are two ways to use social media. You can either use it purely to get your point across or build relations and connections with other users. In case you didn’t guess, the latter is what you should be aiming for.

You don’t want your social media account to essentially be you standing on a soapbox shouting about your business to no one in particular. Engage with other users; follow your competitors, like their content, respond to comments and follow people who follow similar businesses to yours.

If in doubt… ask for help

These starting points will give you the basics for making a success of your social media marketing, but if it still feels way over your head then you don’t have to suffer alone. Outsourcing is a viable and popular option when it comes to boosting your business’s online presence. You can leave the online side of things in the hands of experts, allowing you to focus your time on the aspects of your business you feel more confident with.