Infashion App

Infashion App

Infashion is a universal platform that brings together brands, models, photographers, fashion bloggers and everyone who is interested in fashion. The mission is to make fashion accessible from everyone and everywhere.

Either you have a fashion company or you are a fashion lover, Infashion app is made for you. It’s your place to get promoted, find your targeted audience, get detailed insights or share your photos, take feedback, and enjoy brand discounts. All in one!

The infashion app is creating a cross platform application for fashion, running on iOS and Android phones. It brings Fashion Brands, Branded Content, Fashion enthusiasts, Users and Organic Content all under one roof. Infashion is an app for everyone who is not leaving their home naked. The girl-next-door, the fashionista, the wonna-be model, the fashion professionals, the Brands.


It’s coming soon to make the digital world more fashionable.

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