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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people via the Internet. Rewards-based crowdfunding involves individuals contributing to your business in exchange for a “reward,” typically a form of the product or service your company offers.

Are you ready to crowdfund?

These steps are essential to complete before you start your crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Incorporate your business and have a company number
  2. Create a website that presents your company
  3. Build up your social media presence. Create your pages on FΒ, Τwitter and Linkedin
  4. Create and grow your e-mail list
  5. Connect with groups, blogs and influencers related to your company

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Why you should try it?

  1. Funding. Raise money to help you grow your business
  2. Market research. Test the waters finding out early if there is a need of your product in the market
  3. New Partnerships. Build a powerful professional network
  4. Customers. Build up a community of engaged early adopters and advocates
  5. Confidence. Increase your confidence to future investors with a successful campaign
  6. Support. Receive help from other entrepreneurs like you get ahead and scale up your business

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What makes us different?

  1. Free crowdfunding mentorship. We are dedicated to supporting you before and through your launch
  2. Business-oriented platform. We provide professional business assistance
  3. All or Nothing Model. “All or nothing” fundraising campaigns are much more likely to be successful in achieving their goals
  4. Strong marketing strategy. We help you spread the word through social media, press release and targeted marketing
  5. Campaign Planning. Our business consultants help you create an outstanding business plan and make you stand out from the crowd
  6. Success commission fee. We do not charge you any fee if your campaign is not successful. We only have a success commission fee of 5%on the raised amount if and only if your campaign is successfully funded.
  7. Access to our network. We have a diversified network of supporters and investors interested in innovative projects

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Planning Calendar

Crowdfunding is all about planning and preparation. We understand that running a crowdfunding campaign can be demanding task that’s why we created this checklist to help you prepare a successful campaign.

  • Craft your story
  • Build your Pre-campaign audience
  • Marketing and social media plan
  • Create your PR strategy
  • Create your video
  • Write your elevator pitch
  • Set your funding target
  • Create brainstorming rewards
  • Connect your Stripe account

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Elevator Pitch Video Tips

Write a script. It will help you to be prepared and have a path to follow.
Keep it short. Make your video last about 2 minutes.
Be real and personal. Show your face and speak directly to your audience.
High quality. Use the right equipment. The higher the quality the better.
Share the enthusiasm. Describe your idea and explain the benefits of your project.
Rewards. Show at least 1-2 rewards you are offering to the backers.
End with a call to action. Simply ask the support of the crowd.
Upload. That was all now upload the video to Youtube.

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Check Vemagnet criteria

Every crowdfunding platform focusses on certain types of crowdfunding and a particular audience.The Vemagnet platform can be used for reward-based crowdfunding. We do not offer market-place lending (debt instruments) or equity crowdfunding.
We welcome businesses, startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and social enterprises creating a better society and a better world. We do not accept personal projects to support for example a campaign creator’s personal illnesses.
If you are uncertain whether your campaign will be accepted please submit a brief outline to us in advance.
Lastly, in case you need further guidance for your campaign, our team is here to provide you with the support you may need. Check out our Crowdfunding services and choose this one that suits you better.
With Vemagnet, you can get help and guidance from our team along the way!

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How to get started?

Here is what you need to get your campaign on Vemagnet.
Step 1. Register and tell us your story about your innovative idea. Upload useful information about your project and the money you need to raise. Provide photos and create a pitch video explaining your idea and what you are planning to do. Lastly, create a list of unique rewards to offer to the crowd.
Step 2.Submit the campaign and let the crowdfunding journey begin. It’s the time to promote your campaign and spread the word about your project. Developing a brand awareness of your project and staying active on social media can help you bring the crowd on your campaign and receive the money you need.
Step 3.Fulfill your promises and distribute the rewards. Once your campaign has successfully completed you will receive the money to start working on your project. You need to meet the expectations of the crowd and distribute the rewards as you promised. Stay in contact with your backers and keep them updated on your performance.

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Are you ready to start your campaign right now? Go for it.