We are really excited that you want to become a supporter on Vemagnet platform. We provide you with a quick and easy way to support your favorite projects.

There are 7 steps to explain you in details the whole procedure.


1. Why to support a Campaign?

If you are thinking about contributing money to a creative project, then crowdfunding is for you. Crowdfunding is an alternative way of business financing and provides the means to transform promising ideas into sustainable businesses.

Reward-based crowdfunding is a collective effort involving a group of people (supporters/backers) and a campaign owner to fund a specific project. In return for the backers’ contribution (pledges), the campaign owner offers rewards. While that may be the end result, crowdfunding has many more aspects to it than just this simple definition.

By simply supporting a project, you, as a backer, automatically help creative and innovative businesses to scale up. You get involved in the project by making suggestions, providing valuable feedback, spreading the word to the others and finally creating a social impact on our world.

Crowdfunding is unleashing human creativity, allowing anyone to realize new exciting concepts while permitting capital to flow to the most innovative, worthy ideas.

Welcome to this innovative world!

2. Choose a Campaign

The moment to explore how crowdfunding works is now. Explore the campaign opportunities and choose the projects you want to support. There is a great variety of Campaigns asking your contribution, but at the end of the day, you should support projects that you believe in.

You can support a project by simply following the steps below:

  • Press the button “Campaigns” on our homepage to see the active Campaigns on Vemagnet. You can search a Campaign by sector, or country and order them by the closing date, new entry or saved projects. By clicking “Clear filters” you can view all the Campaigns
  • or you can have access to the Campaigns by choosing “Explore Campaigns” from your Profile Page.

On each Campaign homepage, you can find valuable information about the project and the company as a whole, like the business description, innovative project characteristics, competitive strategy and the team behind the Campaign. You will see a video as well as an elevator pitch which will give you an overview of the project and the fundraising target.

Once you decide to support a campaign, click on the button “Support” on the Campaign homepage or choose directly a reward from the list on the right side of the page.

If you feel unsure and you need further information, you can always contact the Campaign Owner by leaving a comment on the Campaign homepage.

Take the chance to explore our Campaigns and be part of the crowdfunding community.

3. Choose a reward

By choosing a Campaign you are interested in, you will see a variety of rewards being offered. Which one to choose? That depends on your interest and how much money you are willing to offer to the campaign.

The rewards are sorted by price, which means the least expensive is the first one. Rewards can include a product, a service, and a combination of diverse products or even a chance to meet the team. What a reward includes, it depends on the creativity and taste of every Campaigner.

To choose the reward you like, simply select the reward and see all the details provided as well as a brief description. Every reward includes information about the countries where this reward is delivered, the shipping cost (if any applied) and the expected delivery date.

You need to add your shipping details, choose how many items you want to have and if you are willing to pledge “anonymously” by hiding your personal data from the public.

4. Payment

By entering your shipping address, a detailed analysis of the reward’s price plus the shipping cost (if any applied) is provided on your screen. The shipping costs will be automatically added to the total cost.

You just need a debit or credit card. You just need to enter the following details in order to complete your pledge:

Enter your payment card details (card number, CVV number, and expiry date). Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

We do not charge you anything yet! Only if the campaign is successfully completed, your card will be charged with the cost of reward and no other commision fee.

Vemagnet does not store any data of your debit or credit card on its servers. This is for safety reasons since we desire to provide you with a safe environment for your transactions. We use the payment providers Stripe and EveryPay to process payments on behalf of Vemagnet. Our payments partners meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards for security.

So, feel safe about your money and support your favorite Campaigns for free!

5. Preview the Campaigns you support

When your pledge is successfully completed, you can preview your contribution by choosing “Portfolio” from your scroll down menu on your Account.

This displays the name of the Campaign, the reward you selected and the total cost of your pledge. You can always cancel your contribution any time before the campaign is closed by simply clicking the “x” button on your right of every reward.

After supporting a campaign your name will also appear on the “Supporters” list on the Campaign homepage. In case you have supported a Campaign anonymously, only your country and your pledge amount will appear.

It should be noted that regardless of which option you choose above, the Campaign Owner will still receive all of your details in order to fulfill the campaign commitments.

6. Share the excitement

You have successfully supported a Campaign! Why not spread the word and share your excitement with other people? Spreading the word is vital for encouraging other people to support the same Campaign as well. Using the social media bar on the left of every campaign page makes it easy to spread the word.

You can share the Campaign on the social media only by clicking on the icon you want (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+), or you can easily invite your friends by sending the link of the Campaign.

7. Life after contribution

If you’ve never supported a Campaign before, you might think when you pledge your money, it’s like ordering online from a store. You pay for a certain reward and the item is shipped to you. This is not the case with crowdfunding. What you’re doing is putting money in to help a company produce a product and make a step further.

Every campaign provides estimated delivery dates for the rewards. You have to consider this timeline and be aware of any possible delays that can happen. Companies work hard to meet these dates, but there always circumstances that are out of their control. In case you have chosen a reward and the Campaign Owner needs further information (what size, color, etc you prefer), they will contact you by sending you an e-mail asking for details.

Crowdfunding expresses, beyond everything else, your support for an innovative project.  You have the option of showing your support by leaving a comment, giving feedback or just sending a wishing good luck message on the campaign home page.

Also, we are very interested to hear your opinion about the whole procedure and receive feedback from you regarding your experience on Vemagnet platform.


Who can make a contribution?

In order to support a Campaign, you need to be above 18 years old and successfully complete all the required Tabs on your Profile. Complete your Profile.

How can I support a Campaign?

There are many Campaign ready to explore. When you find a business idea that you would like to support, simply click “Support” in the Campaign. Choose the reward you would like to receive and pay the amount is required. You can always have the option to choose if your contribution will be public or anonymous.

Does Vemagnet promote specific projects?

Vemagnet platform does not make exceptions and can’t help you to decide which Campaign to support. It is up to you to choose the Campaign for your contribution.

How much money can I give to a Campaign?

A contribution through Vemagnet platform can be as little as 10€. However, the amount of money you want to give to a Campaign depends on your disposable income. Our recommendation is to support Campaigns you understand and not more than 10% of your annual income. Furthermore, bear in mind that some rewards may include shipping cost for the delivery to your country. The shipping cost is added only once on your total pledge, regardless of how many items you are selecting.

Can I cancel my contribution?

You can cancel your contribution at any time before the Campaign ends. Once a Campaign ends successfully by hitting the Funding Target, no cancellation is available. To access your contributions, select “Portfolio” from your account.

What should I expect after my contribution?

Once a Campaign reaches the target, we will transfer your payment to the bank account of the Campaign Owner. You will receive a confirmation email and a receipt for the transaction. We will also create a private forum between the Campaign Owner and the supporters, where you can be informed about the progress. After that, the Campaign Owner is responsible to inform you about the distribution of the rewards.

What if a Campaign does not reach the funding target?

If a campaign does not reach the funding target, there is no charge to backers/supporters and as a result, no one will receive the rewards.

Is there any risk of losing money?

There is no risk of losing money. Your card will be charged only if the Campaign you chose ends successfully. Moreover, our payment intermediators, Stripe as well as EveryPay, use the most sophisticated encrypted protocols in order to secure every transaction and keep your bank account safe. You can learn more about Stripe’s secure infrastructure here.

Is there any fee I should pay to Vemagnet?

No, Vemagnet does not receive any fee from the backers/supporters, so feel free to give money to your favorite Campaigns and enjoy exclusive rewards.

When is my card charged?

If the Campaign you are supporting is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the Campaign ends. If the Campaign does not reach its funding target, your card will never be charged.