Post Funding Period

Post Funding Period

We are looking to change the funding from being a transaction to a relationship.

Your initial objective was to raise a certain amount of money and bring your idea to life. Don’t lose sight of your goal. It’s important to keep in mind there is still work after a successful campaign.

  1. Do not forget that all these people helped you reach your goal. So, keep them informed as you move through the different stages of development. Stay transparent and focus on your initial plan.
  2. Proceed to the distribution of the rewards and be punctual with the delivery date.
  3. Maintain your project’s momentum by providing updates, reminders, progress report, FAQs and thank your audience for their contribution.
  4. Be active on social media and spread the word.

Have you already supported a project?

Congratulation. You are a vital part of the successful fundraising. After fundraising, all the backers receive the rewards of the project they contributed to. Stay connected with both entrepreneur and fellow-backers and offer your feedback to help the entrepreneur evaluate the business progress.