Raise Finance

Raise Finance

Spread your idea, magnetize backers and reach your funding target!

Now that you have a well-structured business plan in your pocket, it is time to focus on your campaign for raising funds.

Enjoy the process of interacting with people all over the world and spread your idea worldwide. Let people know how close you are to reaching your goal and keep them updated and excited. Do not forget, at the moment they invest their money on you, they are becoming your fellow travellers. Use their feedback to adjust your campaign on the fly for maximum impact.

Once you meet the funding goal within the determined time frame your campaign is successful!

Do you want to become a supporter?

It’s the time to make your move. It takes only a few minutes to become a backer and share the success of the business you support.

We offer you a gateway to unique project campaigns. Take the chance to explore all campaigns and support the businesses you believe in. Apart from the feeling of contributing and supporting an innovative business, you will benefit from interesting rewards.

So, choose a business, request further information, access the data you need and start investing from only 10£/€.